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Gigabit Wireless Solutions, Security, Mobile Backhaul, Fixed Networks, Gigabit Wireless Products, Wireless Point-to-point Ethernet Bridges, Wireless Network Extenders, Flex4G, FlexPort, 80 GHz Wireless Bridge

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RubyTech Germany provides high performance wireless gigabit solutions for cellular 4G network operators, enterprise, government, health care and education networks.


Gigabit Wireless Solutions:

Wireless backhaul and wireless point-to-point solutions addressing metropolitan area network requirements. Leased Line Replacement: Bypass the cost and complication of fiber-based services and achieve fiber-equivalent performance through a BridgeWave wireless point-to-point network solution.


Extremely narrow wireless bridge beam widths and 256-bit AES data encryption assure the highest standards for a secure wireless network.

Mobile Backhaul:

Migrate from copper and microwave backhaul to a gigabit wireless backhaul solution for mobile 4G networks.

Fixed Networks:

Utilize point-to-point wireless instead of fiber to increase bandwidth requirements for metro Ethernet applications

Gigabit Wireless Products:

Wireless Point-to-point Ethernet Bridges and Wireless Network Extenders


BridgeWave's Flex4GTM family of multi-gigabit wireless solutions are designed to provide mobile operators with the flexibility to easily scale to meet tomorrow's bandwidth demands with features that yield the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for 4G/LTE backhaul.



BridgeWave's 80 GHz SDH/SONET + Gigabit Ethernet wireless solution for LTE, WiMAX, 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile network operators wanting a simple migration path towards an all-IP based network

80 GHz Wireless Bridge:

long range, licensed wireless Ethernet bridge solution

60 GHz Wireless Bridge:

short range license-free point-to-point wireless bridge